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CMS Platform With Adaptive Design For All Devices From Smartphones to desktop

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The CMS that we implement as a saas application in done in various phases from inception to implementation which involves from setting up of software to making the website live with custom layout design on the client domain name.

The gist of feature sets noted below allows any type of site to be comfortably handled within the system including News Site, Magazine Sites, Blogs, Static  Pages Looking site etc. Any news or magazine type of  site can easily be cloned as far as feature sets are concerned. Whatever is not possible out of the box can be taken up as a custom add in or module

Content Management & Publishing

  • Ability to publish Articles, Static Pages and Blogs
  • Ability to publish Image/Photo Galleries
  • Keeping revisions and auto-drafts of articles.
  • Event Calendar to show the date of published articles/content and link dates to the same.
  • Custom work flow statuses: active, pending, archived, deleted
  • Different output formats for content: Web (xHTML), Mobile/PDA, Plain Text, RSS/Atom, JSON. Default template set is done for Web(xHTML) and RSS/Atom feeds on per category basis are available out of the box without the need for any custom work.
  • Internal search engine for advanced searching of site content including “Advanced Search” for filtering search based on category.
  • Commenting system with “threaded” mode discussion also possible like one would find on many popular news sites.
  • Topics & Tags This is something which introduces the possibility of posting one article to different categories without the need for posting it multiple times manually.
  • Related articles allows content manager to define related articles from the already added articles on the system so as to offer a better intra site navigational possibilities and also keep the site visitor interested.
  • Article tools (email to a friend, print version, subscribe, etc.)
  • Social bookmarking syndication (Digg, Del.icio, and others)
  • WYSIWYG editor for adding content
  • Easy drag'n'drop customizable menu elements
  • Easy drag 'n' drop for reordering categories and articles.

Possibility to customize article posting form to include any additional fields that may be needed. SO for example, one may want to add a Field say “Source Of Article” for copyrighted content published with permission. This can be done without any problems.
Custom support for migrating data from any other CMS. Since Design philosophy/templating engine is very much peculiar to each cms, the design will have to be done from scratch. Data migration services from other CMS's are available as a one time Paid service and is not included in the turnkey offer. The data migration costs would be quoted on case to case basis depending upon the database of the outgoing CMS platform.
Most Popular, Top Rated, Most commented articles blocks.
Featured Author's block.
Combine a Blog section to News/Magazine/Other/Any Content type site so no need for a separate third party blog software on a news/magazine type of site and this is primarily for the site owner to run his/her own blog on same site in addition to the regular news/magazine style sections.

Built in Form Builder
form generation and processing module that helps you create and style unlimited HTML contact forms and various other forms with simple drag'n'drop. No limitations on number of forms that can be developed and integrated on site. You may add as many forms as you need for your website. You may also change options for previously created forms anytime from the administration area. After the form is successfully created and saved, you will get automatically generated code which has to be placed on desired place in some template file in case you want it to be a part of any page, or it can also be used independently, as a single page.

Video box
to have category where articles with videos can be posted. Add your own video files to articles and preview them also on the category pages so the video preview is also available on Category pages. All Adobe Flash supported file formats can be included but flv preferred.

of the category Page so no limitation on articles that can be shown in any category as it would be paginated.

Quiz Trivia Plugin
This trivia/quiz plug-in allows you to easily make and manage online tests on your website. Create tests in minutes and let your visitors answer fun and challenging questions.

Newsletter module available as an add on.
This manages your web site's internal mailings. Send an email newsletter to inform subscribers about new releases or just keep in touch. Newsletter is a form on your site, where your visitor can leave its e-mail address - subscribe a newsletter. This way they will sign up to receive an occasional newsletter with important announcements.

Poll plug-in
allows you to quickly develop and publish user polls to your site as well as to analyze responses obtained from visitors. It is a standard internet poll with a title, question, and multiple answers (radio box). Visitors can choice one answer, and after press 'vote' button poll result will be displayed. By default, Poll allows each visitor to vote only once. All old polls are also available.

Banner Manager Plugin:
This is available as an Add on. The Banner Manager plug-in is a full Ad Server plug-in for images, HTML and flash banners, as well as serving AdSense or other 3rd party textual/image ads. It will help you easily organize, show and track statistics for ads/banners on your website. All banners can be a part of a zone, for easier grouping and displaying on different areas of the webpage. A zone consists of a banner or number of banners in different areas on the webpage. In case you add more than one banner to a zone, they will rotate randomly.

Feed Importer:
Feed Importer is a tool that delivers news directly to you as soon as it is published online. Simply, the role of Feed Importer plug-in is to gather and display web feeds (a data format used for serving frequently updated information to the users) from various sites in one place. Feeds have to be in RSS/XML format. This plug-in allows you to pull XML/RSS feeds from another (third party) websites into specific categories of your site. Highly efficient and fast solution for populating news sites with content.

Plus there are huge feature sets which can almost clone most complicated and popular news sites out of the box. However, if there's anything which needs custom code to be done and integrated we can do that also at additional charges as custom coding is not included in any charges like hosting/support.
Search Engine Optimization
3 different formats of SE Friendly URLs  to select from.
All custom templating is done Fully SEO optimized
Custom META keywords/description tags for better complaince wrt SEO.
Automatic Google XML sitemap module
Automatic Google XML sitemap module for News/Magazine type sites.
Documents & Media Management
Robust DMS system for managing documents and assets with ability to tag files and Uploading documents and files (.doc, .pdf, .xls, etc.)
Full media streaming capabilities with all major video formats supported (streaming content on busy sites will need a fully managed dedicated high bandwidth server
Image repository for multiple usage
Users and Roles
Unlimited number of administrators and roles
5 default roles: Admin, Editor, Trusted Writer, Writer, Member
Bridges to integrate users with most popular forum software like IPB or vBulletin if needed.
Custom Module Development & Integration
If there's anything component of your project which needs custom modules/plugins to be developed and integrated with your site to get the feature that is needed, then this can be done at additional charges. By default, the CMS can handle even most high end sites of any type. This is done on project to project basis after discussing the specifics.

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