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Leased Website Volume Vs Pricing:

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The Leased website comes in a package of a minimum 3 websites.

For more than 3 leased websites, please email your requirements along-with your complete contact details, website address and number of leased sites needed to sales@scorpioinformatics.com . Any request for quote with incomplete contact details, contact numbers will not be replied on priority.

Other Options For deeper market penetration

1. Regional language sites on CCTLD (Country specific) domains. By regional language websites we do not propose to use the Google translate tool but to really have a local language website on a country specific domain. This gets more visibility on country specific Google SERP (and others).
2. Book all popular extensions of a domain and then plan a decent (not those “good for nothing websites” “Cheap” websites) billboard site on that. For details contact ites@vcs.co.in
3. If you are into retail business then building a high end e-Commerce store is a good business proposition. In case you plan to have one, for details contact sales@scorpioinformatics.com The Future is of online selling and buying and this is only going to increase. This however is only restricted to retail and wholesale (B2C and B2B operations).
4. If the nature of your business permits then start an online magazine sort of site and then regularly add articles and link them to the relevant sections of your corporate website. For example,: "fashion trends, jewelry, home décor, health, nutrition, sports, fitness, travel, hospitality, security” etc can all fit in this bill.

We have a Hosted CMS Platform specifically for these type of sites and the CMS has a very good Search Engine Friendly design so that articles quickly get indexed and favorably placed on SERP’s. No we don't work on Wordpress and Joomla as they both are not suited for this. It's good for a personal blog and also if you have a full fledged IT team inhouse to do the necessary security upgrades and patches as and when the security vulnerabilities are reported (almost daily on various components and Plugin of Joomla and Wordpress) For details on Hosted CMS platform details email ites@vcs.co.in

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