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Websites are intended to be a means of communicating with unknown business prospects apart from providing means for regular transactions.
They are a means of showcasing your organization, its products and services. However, how does one know that a particular site exists?
Obviously through Search Engines of which Google occupies the lead position with 65%+ search traffic. The balance comes from Yahoo, Bing,other search engines and directory services. So that's where the importance of a Broader sense of “Web Promotions” come in. SEO is just a subset of “Web Promotion” since SEO is restricted to working on improving visibility of a single site on SERP. Web Promotion in a broader sense is working with a bunch of websites interlinked with each other all of which are optimized for good visibility on SERP. Working with bunch of websites for a given client can be an expensive affair if SEO is to be done on all the sites under our regular SEO offer. To minimize the overall costs for the client, we have come up with the idea of “Leased Websites” working with and around the corporate site of our client which is under it's own SEO contract.

SEO is a Cat and Mouse game between Search Engines and Service providers because:

• Search Engines continuously update their algorithms for improving the relevancy of search results.
• Thousands of new websites come up everyday and everyone is competing for a favorable position on SERP
• Updates to filter out websites which have come up on a SERP as a result of Black-hat SEO practices.

Recent PANDA update on Google has knocked off many sites from SERP or pushed it way down to beyond the 10th  page.

As a result of this “Web Promotion & SEO” is a never ending assignment as it needs constant corrections and alignments in order to maintain visibility on SERP. Consider this the same as advertisements on TV (or any other media) but at a much cheaper price with 24X7 visibility globally. It comes at a fraction of the cost as compared to advertisements in print or television.

Fair Business Policy

Before we delve into the specifics of the packages that we offer, we would like to touch upon our fair Business Policy with respect to “Web Promotion and SEO”. As a part of this policy we shall never do “Web Promotion and SEO” of a client who could be a competitor of any of our existing clients for whom we have already ongoing assignment for “Web Promotion”. So for example if we are doing a client in the segment of say “Fashion Jewelry” then we shall not do any other client in that segment as long as the assignment is active and live. This is what we call “Fair Business Policy” and the same applies to Web Promotion and SEO. In short - in one segment we shall only do one client in India.

SEO and Leased Websites together constitute what we call “Web Promotion” . So if in any segment there's a vacant spot we shall fill the subset of the same with anyone on a first come first served basis. To illustrate, if we are doing just “SEO” of a corporate site in one segment and the slot of Leased websites is vacant then we will offer that slot on a first come first served basis to any other client.



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