Principles of 5S

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Elimination of waste
Everybody is involved, Co-operative effort
Attack root cause
Human being is not infallible

Seiri - Sorting     
 Distinguish between necessary and unnecessary  items and eliminate the      unnecessary items

Seiton - Systematic arrangement     
To determine type of storage and layout that     will ensure easy accessibility for      everyone .

Seiso - Cleaning                                          
Inspection while cleaning
Cleaning trash, filth, dust and other foreign  matter. Cleaning as a form of Inspection

Seiketsu - Standardization
Setting up standards / Norms for a neat, clean, workplace and details  of how to maintain the norm (Procedure)   

Shitsuke - Self Discipline
Every one sticks to the rule and makes it a habit
To maintain DISCIPLINE, we need to practice and repeat until it becomes a way of life.

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