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Business Envoirnment

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Business environment undergoes constant evolution and is affected by an array of parameters that are unique to an organization. The constant evolution also means that the same problem in an organization changes with time, simply because the context of the problem changes with time. At Vrunda Consultancy Service, we look at every new problem in its unique context. We never fall victim to our repertoire of past knowledge when we get a new assignment in hand. We do not offer off-the-shelf standard solutions. At the core of our creative problem solving methodology is a holistic approach – that starts with understanding the context and environment of the problem, before getting into its nitty-gritty.

We involve the members of our Client’s organization in developing insights and in evolving alternative solutions. At Actuate Business Consulting, we prompt, prod and provoke our clients to generate solutions through the collective wisdom that combines the creativity & objectivity of our consultants and the experience and specific domain knowledge of our clients. After evaluating the alternatives for their efficacy and ascertaining their techno-economic feasibility, we recommend the best alternative to the Client. Through participative and collaborative process of consulting, we create competence within client organization to handle similar situations in future.

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