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Standard Features Of Ecommerce Store

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 1. Setup and Management
    No coding/programming experience required – we will undertake any Custom Module development at additional costs
    Auto Deployed Installation – All installation and setup is done by us
    Quick-start wizard
    Complete store-builder package – PHP/MySQL Based on LSWS (not Apache) Web server. LSWS is 3 times faster in SSL than Apache
    Easy-to-use web interface – High End web based admin module which offers everything needed to manage a high end store
    Bulk uploading of products and pictures – CSV Based import
    Out-of-the-box storefront system
    Customizable localization: configurable weight/dimension measurement units, currency, configurable list of states/provinces

2. Design and Layout
    100% template-based storefront. Fully customizable design & layout – Custom design integration by us under the Turnkey Assignment offer. Build-in template editor: preview, edit and restore templates, built in css editor, built in image editor. Support for WYSIWYG web editors.
    Intuitive navigation
    Support for thumbnails. Includes Category thumbnail images support.
    Product detailed images
    Storing images in DB or on the file system – File system recommended for performance
    "mini-cart" viewable at all pages of store.
    Integrated store search – Includes Advanced Search Module also.

3. Customer Care
    All orders are stored in MySQL database. Customers can search & browse personal order history.
    Customer can choose between account registration and express checkout
    The possibility to disable checkout without registering. Password reminder for customers
    Customizable e-mail notifications/invoice

4. Product Catalog & Details
    Number of Products that can be added depends on the Plan chosen/active.
    Unlimited number of categories and subcategories. Unlimited category nesting
    Members-only categories (Configure what is visible to which category of customers)
    1-click enable/disable switch for products and categories
    Product Search (Both on front end and also on Admin end)
    Unlimited custom input fields for products
    Add custom information field for products
    HTML-enriched product descriptions
    Unlimited number of product detailed images. Enhance product detailed images with Optional Add On Module -- Flash Image Magnifier.
    Multi-homed products (list a product in unlimited number of categories)

5. Merchandising and Inventory
    On-screen mini-cart with brief cart info
    "Out of Stock" Messages (Needs Optional Add On -- Inventory Tracking Module)
    Limit minimal order amount and  maximal order amount .
    Featured products showcase (in center column or side box) with provision of filtering by Category automatically.

6.  Repeat Customer Accommodation
    All customer's data is stored in database. Registered customers do not have to enter their data again
    Registered customers can edit their profile
    Registered customers can access history of their orders.
    Greet returning customers by their name when they return back to your site

7. Web-based control panel
    Password-protected administrative access. All changes are real-time and immediately reflected.
    Control the cart from anywhere in the world using your web browser. Unlimited number of admin accounts

8. Security
    Full HTTPS/SSL support. Secure HTTPS/SSL administrative access (Needs SSL Certificate)
    Password-protected administrative administrative access
    Real-time security notifications of all failed login attempts
    List of recently logged admins
    Backup sub-system
    Captcha protected forms

9.  Search Engine Friendly
    Pages can be indexed by all major search engines. Generate static HTML catalog specially for search engines
    Configurable context dependent meta tags.
    Generate specially formatted data feed, so you can easily list your products in Froogle

10.  Sales Analysis & Tracking
    Searchable order data
    Orders summary and top sellers statistics. Order data is easy to print
    Export sales & customer data for use in a spreadsheet. Export orders to MS Excel XP format.
    Product search statistics.
    Possibility to review order history of a particular user

11. Payment Gateways & Options
    Accept payments in any currency
    Real-time credit card processing: -- PayPal Standard & Pro
     Other payment options including Manual (offline) credit card processing, Checks, purchase orders and phone orders. Phone orders needs

Advanced Order Management Add On Module which is available at costs as noted in Section on Optional Add On Modules and they are not a part of Standard Feature sets.

Other Payment Gateway Integration available on one time additional fee.

12 Shipping and Tax
    Unlimited number of custom-defined delivery methods.
    Flat rate, weight, order total and range based shipping.
    Different weight limits for different delivery methods.
    Handle international, domestic and local shipping.
    Allow your customers to choose delivery methods.
    Customizable tax calculation. Import/export predefined tax schemas.
    Product-specific taxes.
    Taxes & shipping fees depending on client's location
    "Tax exempt" feature
    GST/PST (Canadian tax system), VAT (European tax system)
     'Free' shipping method Additional shipping and handling charges for both standard and real-time shipping method

With Optional Add On Module "Real Time Shipping Quotes" one can offer  real time shipping quotes on storefront to customers once authenticated. This is available on one time additional charges. Please refer Optional Add On Modules section.

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