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Ecommerce Store Add On Features

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1.Real Time Shipping Quotes Module: 
This module adds the facility to offer real time shipping quotes to customers while ordering through various components introduced. The shippers introduced for real time shipping quotes through this module are:

    USPS Online tools
    Canada Post
    Australia Post
You will need to have an account at whichever shipper you are planning to integrate the module of into your store.

2 Advanced Order Management Module
provides your online store with a powerful and complete order management tool. The main benefits of employing this highly versatile module include the following:

    The module enables customizing your system order processing procedures in order to meet your business needs.
    It introduces the means to make miscellaneous modifications to orders placed in your system, resulting in ability to provide more responsive customer service.
    It provides the means for cloning and splitting existing orders and creating new ones.
    Functionality of the following add-on components is expanded due to tight integration with this add-on module: Product Options, Wholesale Trading, Promotion Tools, Gift Certificates, Advanced Security add-on modules and Real-time Shipping Quotes Modules.

Please be aware that this module is just a means for order editing, it is not supposed to bring all the functionality of the customer zone to the admin zone. So, for example, if a special offer is applicable to an order, the store admin will not see it while editing this order using the functionality of this module.

3 Inventory Tracking Module: 
Is used to monitor stock position of products listed in a store. The core application allows you to update the pricing information of products listed in the store. However, if you need to update your stock positions and also need a notification when the quantity of an item falls below ROL (Reorder level) you should enable the Inventory Tracking module.

4 Flash Image Magnifier Module:
This is a advanced Flash based Image magnifier with features of zoom, drag, pan and a slide of all images added to this section. This works on per product basis. Maximum size of image that can be added to this is 2000px. This is available on one time cost of US $400.00 only. Once this is installed you need not add detailed images to products and instead add detailed images to this component which becomes available as a separate Tab under Products page in Admin section of your store.

5 Featured Product Slideshow Module:
This module introduces a slideshow of Featured Products based on what has been configured as featured product by you from admin section of store.Available as custom module development only.

6 Detailed Images Slideshow Module:
This module enhances the default way that the detailed images are displayed on the product detailed pages. By default, the detailed images are displayed one after another in the Product Details page. Once this module is activated then the same is replaced by more compact slideshow thus making the product detailed page more attractive and feature rich. This is available on one time costs of US $400.00 only.

7 Ecommerce Reports Module:
Is an extremely flexible tool created to help you perform targeted searches of different kinds of store data and gather information about various aspects of your online store functioning from within the admin section. The module allows you to get the data which is of vital importance to any e-commerce business: you can turn to any period in the history of your store and find out how many orders of different statuses existed at the time, what the number of active members accounts and the number of accounts registered during the period was, which of your products were sold the most, how the dynamics of sales changed during the period, where the customers who purchased products at your store came from, what payment/shipping methods were the most popular, which of your customers purchased products from this or that category, and much more. This is available on one time costs of US $125.00 only.

8 Gift Certificates Module:
Allows you to sell gift certificates to your customers. A gift certificate is a substitute for currency which can be ordered, given to another person and redeemed later for products at your store. This is available at one time costs of US $99.95 only. ( Download Module Documentation )

9 Layout Organizer Module:
Introduces advanced customization to the look and feel of your stores. With this module installed and activated your online store catalog presentation becomes fully customizable in the sense that each category and product page under the category can have a different design and look. This does introduce additional work required in terms of creating separate design for categories and hence even templating costs would be increased depending on the level of per category customization needed. It helps you improve your store presentation; make it truly unique and more appealing to customers.

10 Auto Update Catalog Module:
is a dependent module. It is a child module of HTML Catalog, that is why it cannot be activated independently. To activate AutoUpdate Catalog you must have the HTML Catalog (the parent module) activated. This module helps to eliminate the need to refresh static HTML pages, generated by HTML Catalog, every time there is a change in your product catalog (when you are adding or modifying products and categories). If the AutoUpdate Catalog module is enabled then it will immediately add the changes to the html pages. There is no need to generate the catalog again.

In other words, this module complements the HTML Catalog module by providing a more dynamic environment for a user to operate.

11. Custom Built Modules:
We undertake development and integration of any "Custom Built" modules which may be specifically needed by you for your store. These are undertaken on request only once the entire specification of requirements are made available and quotes and terms and conditions sent by us with respect to same accepted. For any specific requirement of developing and integrating custom built nodules please Contact Us

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