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Advantages of hosted ecommerce software

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A choice for eCommerce software solution hosted by a provider on their servers and simply access it through any desktop with and user inface admin control panel provided with right permissions. This solution not only allows a company to offer a robust online presence but make adjustments to the site from anywhere, anytime, instead of being tied to a local server. Such eCommerce solution will come with a monthly fee but will also include all upgrades or access to newer versions at little to no cost. In addition, all maintenance of the software is handled by the provider, allowing the company to focus on the creation of their site. Virtual server and cloud advancements now make hosted solutions at least the equal of non-hosted options in terms of speed, and will often come with 24/7 tech support from providers.

Ultimately, the choice between a hosted and non-hosted solution comes down to the preference of a company and what they feel most comfortable with, but the simple fact is that hosted eCommerce software will have a lower initial cost, greater support and give companies access to the latest software version. Users also get  guarantee not only uptime, but that patching and other maintenance tasks will not bring down a users site, offering peace of mind at a great value.

The first thing that is great about hosted ecommerce software is that they offer outstanding level of security to your customers.
The server of the hosting company is protected and is not easily accessible so the chance of hacking is negligible.
The hosted solutions are also PCI compliant so you can accept credit card payments while also ensuring the safety of your customer’s information.
The security system is also constantly updated automatically.

Other advantage of hosted ecommerce software is the level of support you get when you face technical problems. So, even if you lack programming experience you can run your online store without worrying about the technical details. Additionally, the hosted solution is regularly or automatically upgraded, while for other solution you will have to do it yourself and at times spend some additional funds to get upgrades. This solution for your ecommerce doesn’t cost much either.

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