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Certification In Industrial Engineering

Certificate Programme on Productivity Improvement Through IE Tools & Techniques

Download the attatched broucher for information on - Certificate Programme on Productivity Improvement Through IE Tools & Techniques ... Read details

Industrial Engineering & Work Study

Work study is a scientific approach to investigate into all form of work, with a view to increase productivity & examine the human work in ... Read details

Work Sampling

Work sampling is a method for estimating the proportion of time spent by a worker or machine on various activities. It is based on laws ... Read details


5S activities changes the way in which people think and behave and also alter the quality of both equipment maintenance and the work environment ... Read details

Principles of 5S

Elimination of waste Everybody is involved, Co-operative effortAttack root causeHuman being is not infallible Seiri - Sorting      Distinguish between necessary and unnecessary  items and eliminate ... Read details

5 S is Transformation

“If we fail to improve 5 S, what makes us think that we can do anything else?” On the other hand we know that if we ... Read details

6 Sigma

Sigma is a term used in statistics to represent standard deviation, an indicator of the degree of variation in a set of a processSix Sigma ... Read details

What is DMAIC?

DMAIC is a five-step approach for driving costly variation from manufacturing and business processes: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control.   As the backbone of the Six ... Read details

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